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water moist around the corners of the glass window

Condensation is a process many of us are familiar with, but not everybody realises that it’s a big cause of damp in the homes and businesses of the UK. At Damp Surveyors & Damp Proofing UK, we provide inspection and surveying services to uncover damp in your home, and the reasons that the damp has come about. Damp caused by condensation can be addressed more easily once you understand the reason it is occurring, and there’s no substitute for professional experience in that regard. If you’re looking for help with identifying condensation problems in your property, you won’t find a more reliable independent damp surveying company than us. Read on below for further details on condensation, and what you need to watch out for.

Condensation and Damp

Both penetrating damp and rising damp are caused by the infiltration of moisture into your property from outside, but with condensation it’s different – condensation comes from water vapour within the building. There are lots of different sources for moisture in the air in your property – think about things like cooking, bathing, and drying clothes, for example – and when this moisture filled air finds it’s way into ‘dead air’ pockets (spaces where air isn’t part of a circulating pattern), condensation takes place. The warm water vapour makes contact with cold surfaces in the space, and condensation occurs – with damp an inevitable conclusion soon after.

Keeping Vigilant

Depending on your property, condensation related damp can occur all throughout the year, but there are times when you need to be extra vigilant. From October through to March, the likelihood of experiencing this problem in the United Kingdom rises exponentially – so much so that the period is sometimes referred to as ‘condensation season’ by those in the industry. This is because the weather conditions and temperatures make it a perfect environment for the condensation process.

Initial Suspicions

Condensation isn’t something that you’ll always be aware of, particularly because the places which will experience the worst issues are often tucked away in a corner, and not somewhere you’re likely to give a lot of attention to. Moisture concerns in your property are likely to make you think of outside sources, since you expect the processes and structures in your property to function without any problems – so be extra careful. If you come across mould in your home, it could easily be due to condensation. We can employ a dehumidifier to clear the room of any moisture – if the dampness has disappeared, there’s a really strong chance that the problem is being caused by condensation and not by a hidden leak of some type.

Administering Treatment

Once we’ve established that the cause of your damp and mould problems is condensation, we can begin to advise on the way to handle the situation. Reducing the moisture generation in the vicinity is a prudent course of action, but you’ll also need to consider increasing ventilation, and the improvement of the insulation in your home too. We’ll craft a set of damp proofing protocols that will benefit your property in the long run.

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