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Damp Surveyors & Damp Proofing

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If you’re a property owner, you should be aware of damp as a potential concern for the health of those in your property, as well as for the property itself. We routinely get calls for help from homeowners, business property owners, and landlords looking for explanations on how damp has managed to find its way into their property – and the answers and solutions aren’t always straightforward. By being aware of the potential dangers of damp, and being proactive about preventing it in the future, you can set up your property to be a resistant and durable structure that won’t be affected by this invader.

About Us

Damp Surveyors & Damp Proofing UK is based in the London area, and we’ve served our community with damp related expertise for a number of years. There are all sorts of properties across London, it’s an eclectic and varied cityscape, but one of the things these buildings all have in common is that they can be vulnerable to damp. Our professionals are concerned with protecting all these buildings, and they can lean on their years of experience in identifying and combating damp to make sure they accomplish their goals. We’re a reliable independent damp expert – so you can trust us to be unbiased and honest in our assessments of a property.

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    Our Services

    We’re experts at identifying damp in properties, both in terms of the kind of damp (rising damp, penetrating damp, or condensation) and the exact conditions that have led to its emergence. Of course, we’re also able to handle the proofing procedures that protect properties from such formations in the long run – and you can never have too many protections in place going forward. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with an ongoing damp problem, or you’re looking to put in safeguarding due to your cautious nature, we’re the company you need to get involved with.

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    Damp Problems

    Damp problems aren’t just limited to a bit of a wet surface on your walls or ceilings – the implications can actually be pretty serious. There are a number of health concerns that result from the emergence of damp, and the damage to your property can be extensive if this nasty intruder is left to its own devices. Damp can affect the interior walls and ceilings, but it’s also able to damage your exterior walls and window frames too – so there’s a lot at stake here.

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    Rising Damp Survey

    Rising damp is related to the lower level of your property, and comes about because ground water is permeating your building’s materials and rising up through the walls into your property. There’ll be a tell-tale sign – a ‘high tide’ mark – that indicates its presence, and from there we’ll be able to identify where the water is coming from that’s causing the problem.

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    Penetrating Damp Survey

    Penetrating damp, unlike rising damp, affects the entirety of your property, and isn’t limited to the ground floor. Usually linked to structural vulnerabilities and leaks, penetrating damp can appear on your walls, ceilings, and many other areas of your property. This can also infect wood, and when you experience extensive dry wood rot, you could have expensive structural repairs on your hands.

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    We’re pretty much all familiar with condensation as a process, but few people recognise that it can negatively impact your property in such a powerful way. Unlike rising damp and penetrating damp, condensation is due to the moisture that’s already inside your property. Cooking, laundry, bathing – these all create water vapour, and when it can’t escape, there’s a reasonable chance that it’ll end up leading to damp and mould. We’ll use tools to determine whether the cause of your damp is condensation, and then act on it to relieve you as quickly as possible.

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    Black Mould

    You’ve likely heard of black mould in recent years because it’s had a lot of media attention – and this is due to the highly negative impact that it can have on you and your property. Black mould can upset people with chronic health conditions, or it can cause the emergence of new illnesses. Of course, it’s also a common cause of deteriorating paint and wallpaper, as well as blemished furniture.

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    Damp Proofing

    If you want to keep your home healthy and safe, and you’re concerned about it suffering structural damage that could be expensive to repair, you need to consider damp proofing across the entire property. We have a range of solutions at the ready depending on your needs, and this will save you money in the long run by raising the value of your property, and limiting the need for expensive repairs.

    Contact Our Team Today

    If you have any need for a damp surveyor or damp proofing specialist, we hope you’ll consider our company going forward. We have the professional expertise and equipment to make quick work of any damp related project you have for us. Call our customer service representatives if you’re in need of further details on our services, the prices we charge, or the availability of our surveyors. You can reach them through our main telephone number, and they’re also available via our contact form – both are accessed by visiting our website.

    “Thank you Damp Surveyors & Damp Proofing UK for helping with my black mould situation. The team helped me figure out where it was coming from, and now that it’s gone I have damp proofing in place, so it’s gone for good!!” – Leah M.

    “The team helped me get my new build in a fit condition to be lived in, so I’m super grateful. I lived in a student house with damp and mould problems and it was a total nightmare, so I was keen to get experts in that would prevent that happening with my own house. They were professional and polite – it was a very fine service.” – Katie S.

    “Damp Surveyors & Damp Proofing UK is a 5 star service for anybody in need of help with rising damp. My gran’s house kept getting rising damp, but we’ve struggled to identify what was causing it – until now. The team uncovered the cause, and now she isn’t experiencing any more breathing problems. My whole family is incredibly grateful.” – Daryl B.